DAC40720036ABS For Suzuki Qiyue Swift
Our No: WJX407236ABS
OE No: 4344051K00/ 4344068L10/4344071L00/43440T51K00/43440T68L10
Model: Nissan
Type: Wheel hub bearing
ID: 40
OD: 72
Hight: 36
Special instructions: with ABS

The description of Wheel Bearing DAC40720036ABS For Suzuki Qiyue Swift

OE No.:

4344051K00/ 4344068L10/4344071L00/43440T51K00/43440T68L10/4707157/4709078/9214025/93193920/ 4707157/ 4709078/ 9214025/ 93193920 /DAC40720036ABS

Suitable for :

Front-Changan Suzuki Qiyue (2014/12-)

Front-Changan Suzuki Swift (2005/04-2016/10)

Front-Changhe Suzuki Liyana (2005/11-2016/12)

Front-Changhe Suzuki Paixi (2011/11-2014/12)

Front-Changan Auto CX20 (2014/01-)

Front-Changan Auto YuexiangV3 (2015/01-) 1.4L

Front-Opel AGILA (B)(2008-2014)

Front- VAUXHALL AGILA Mk II (B) (H08) (2008-2014)

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