The importance of good wheel bearing forgings

The importance of good wheel bearing forgings

The wheel hub bearing is a very important part of the automobile. It connects the brake disc and the steering knuckle. Its main function is to bear the load and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the wheel hub. It bears both axial and radial loads. It acts as a shock absorber and is movably connected to the car body to avoid direct friction. If it is broken, it will produce a rattling sound, accompanied by a sense of vibration when turn the steering wheel, whether it is on the spot or driving.

Our IQFPS wheel hub bearing forgings are the same as the world-renowned bearing companies, which use Jiangyin Xingcheng 55# special steel. The national standard is GB/T699-2015.

Quality needs to be controlled from the source. In addition to appearance problems, forgings often have black skin, sand holes and other incoming problems that need to be found after turning, which not only wastes tools, affects work efficiency, but also increases the defect rate. Up to now, Xingcheng's forgings have not found any problems in the incoming inspection. The rough surface of the forgings is flat, the size is within the range required by the drawings, and no rust and bumps are found on the appearance. Good forgings can improve the utilization rate of tools and drills. The processing difficulty is reduced and the output is increased.

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